Getting the motivation to go to the gym or out for a run can be tough. It can be a general energy problem, feeling conscious, or just a lack of willpower. It’s something I have struggled with, and still do sometimes. I wanted to share some tips and tricks to overcome the lack of motivation.

Get yourself ready

This tip is one that I still use today to get myself into the gym. When I’m home from work, or if I just wake up, I immediately get changed into my gym gear. This is half the battle already, suddenly you feel a bit more capable of just getting up and going. Small productive steps lead to bigger productive steps. In the evenings set aside your gym outfit for the next day. You’ll start preparing your mind that you’re ready to go again tomorrow.

Bring a friend or relative

When I first started going to the gym I was terrified of going by myself. My sister started going to the gym with me and while I still cringe at some of the exercises we did, I couldn’t be happier that we took that first step and went. If you honestly are not sure what you’re doing, try googling some beginner’s exercises. I wouldn’t try anything too complicated as you could injure yourself and that’s not the best way to motivate yourself to go back. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend that you see going to the gym to help you get into the swing of things. Everyone loves a gym buddy!

Consider a personal trainer

It can take a lot for us to gather up the courage to workout without knowing what we’re doing. If this is truly something that scares you and you don’t know how to get around it, consider getting a personal trainer. This doesn’t need to be anything long term. A personal trainer will help you identify exercises that will be best for you, and make sure you’re able to do them with good form (also important).

Ask yourself why you’re doing it

This is possibly the most important point here. I’ve read recently about how extrinsic motivation has little effect on us in terms of getting us to do something. By this I mean, if you’re doing it because of someone else, and not because you want to do it then you’re not going to. I’m an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, but there are many ways of going about that. If you have no interest in going to the gym, consider a different type of exercises or joining a club. Some options might be just long walks, joining your local soccer team, rowing team, or tennis club.

Set Goals

This one can apply to anything you try to achieve in life. If there are things you want to achieve, write them down as goals. Keep a goal diary if you can, you’ll be surprised over time how many goals you achieve by keeping them in your subconscious. Read over them every once in a while, and every day or every week try and do at least one thing that will put you on track to achieving this. Every time you look back at these goals, and start to see yourself achieving them, not only will it make you feel great but it will continue to give you the motivation to keep going!

I hope at least one of these tips proves helpful to you, let me know if you’ve tried any!

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