Our absolute favourite thing to do on a nice day is find a new place to explore. Sometimes we’ll just visit one place we know and talk to locals to get some new ideas. Other times we’ll do some digging online to find walking trails. We avoid typical tourist destinations because of how swamped they are with people. It ruins the experience and you don’t get to enjoy the beauty.

So, I wanted to share three places I have tried and loved in Ireland. These are in no particular order, because quite honestly I couldn’t decide which one I’d prefer. They are all fantastic in different ways.



We stumbled upon this place by word of mouth. We got the idea from a local in Youghal while we were on a beach walk. On a random sunny day, we decided to make the trip down – and we were stunned. The town itself is quaint and beautiful in its own right. If you walk up to the cliffs, you are met with the most breathtaking view. There is a lovely castle on the walk as well. Also, if you head back down towards the town you can find a beautiful sandy beach.

I’ve sold it by now, right?

Lough Hyne (West Cork)


We had actually found this breath taking view by accident! Lough Hyne is quite a well known destination for locals in the summer where families enjoy picnics and swimming. We had come down here for a walk, and stumbled upon a set of steps leading into the forest. For some reason we decided to follow them (good thing it wasn’t private property). It turned out to be a trail leading up and around a small mountain, it wasn’t too difficult to do (we obviously weren’t prepared). At the top you’re greeted the most beautiful view overlooking landscapes and water.


Ballard Waterfall Trail


Although you can find details on how to find this trail online, I would still consider this a gem. It’s incredibly quiet and no one I have spoken to has ever heard of it. We came across this with an online search for trails that weren’t too far from us. When we arrived, we were surprised to have to walk through roads for quite a bit of the trail. But oh wow did it only get better. After some roads, fields, forest, and an electric fence – we found a beautiful waterfall. We must actually come back here for a picnic. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any pictures of the waterfall on any of my devices. While words may not do it justice, if you need a new adventure I’d highly suggest doing this trail. If you do plan on trying it out, here are some instructions you may find useful.

Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places, and share your pictures if you decide to visit them, I’d love to see!

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