Waking up earlier has actually been a goal of mine for longer than I can remember. I think a lot of people have this goal, for me it’s this idea of waking up early, being super energised, and getting plenty done in the morning. Basically just having a great start to the day.

The Struggle

Realistically, most mornings I would wake up to my alarm clock, see the time, say “5 more minutes won’t hurt, I’ll get up then” and then wake up waayy later than intended. To be honest, I would feel guilty – and that’s not really a great start to the day.

So I started researching methods to wake up earlier that would actually work. There are quite a lot of ideas out there. Some that tell you; “just have a compelling reason” – like this post, which definitely did not work for me. I have goals, dreams, and plenty that I want to fit into my day. I love the fresh feeling of being up early when the birds and there’s no other noise pollution outside. My problem has always been more physical – my brain says “get out of bed”, but my body says “it’s so warm and comfortable, just ten more minutes.”

The One that Worked

The first method that actually worked was to leave my phone at the other side of the room. When the alarm would go off in the morning, I had no choice but to get out of bed to turn it off. This was actually pretty effective. I was groggy no doubt, and there were many times that I looked back at my bed and was ready to just jump right back in. But I was up and out already, the hardest part was done. From here it was the willpower to just leave the room so that I wasn’t even tempted by the thought of more sleep.

Once I was out of bed, I went and made myself a coffee. For me, there is no better way to start the day; I love coffee! The caffeine kick also helps to get over the initial grogginess of being up so early.

The End Result

I was proud of myself for managing to get up early. But the effect of this was much greater than I realised it would be. The amount that I was able to actually get done in the mornings reduced my stress levels so much. I had more time in the day to get my tasks done and my goals worked on.

There are so many different things you can do early in the morning, while you actually have time to yourself. For example, having a workout (at home or at the gym), reading a book, meditating, listening to podcasts – and a thousand others I could list. What you can do in the morning is up to you, if you have a goal of being more fit, try having a home workout. If you need inspiration, or motivation for productivity in your life, try a book or a podcast… I think you get the picture.

Because my gym only opens early three days of the week, and I had to be on time to work, I switched up my morning routine based on that. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I went to the gym for a workout, on every other day I would read a book.

Set Yourself Up for Success

To make this goal work, I had to set myself up for success. In the evening before a gym day, I got my gym outfit ready for the next morning. In the mornings it was so easy to just get up, get ready, and go! To my own surprise, I wasn’t an absolute slug once I just got out of bed and had a coffee. Going to the gym was actually really nice to do in the morning because it wasn’t so full. As the week went on, I noticed that I felt much better and I had more time in the evenings.

It actually kept me on track with my eating better as well. I didn’t want to eat poorly throughout the day because of my healthy start.

On my book days, I picked up one of the books I’m reading and spent about 40 minutes on it. It made be feel productive before I had really done anything. Because I enjoy business, development, and psychology books, it always gave me a fresh perspective on my day.

Are you a morning person? Or have you ever had the goal of waking up early? Let me know!

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